42. IFLS + EICI Leather Shoes Supplies and Technology Exhibition

8-11 February 2022

What is IFLS?

The International Footwear & Leather Show,
 IFLSis an event specialized in the exhibition of footwear, leather goods and leather clothing, which integrates the latest trends in finished product design and fashion through the main collections offered by the Colombian industry and other countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, Portugal, France and Spain

530 Exhibitors National&International

11.000 Professional Buyers 

24.500 Sqm Specialized Exhibition 

Business $37.500 Cop Millions

Through its 20 years of experience, the IFLS is recognized as the most important business platform in Colombia and the Andean region for the footwear, leather and their manufactures sector, in which manufacturers, buyers, designers, suppliers of inputs, technologies , services and components meet fashion and innovation.


The sectors that participate in IFLS are national and international entrepreneurs from the following segments:

What is EICI?

The specialized exhibition of leather, supplies, machinery, technology and services, which presents manufacturers of footwear, leather goods, leather clothing and related industries, the latest fashion trends in suppliers. It has exhibitors from Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Italy and China.

National and international businessmen from the following segments participate in the International Exhibition of Leather and Supplies, Machinery and Technology (EICI):